Montreal’s Source for Vintage Windbreakers is LazyMTL

If you’re hunting for a classic vintage jacket with its own catchphrase, you’re probably after a vibrant neon windbreaker from the ’90s. The unmistakable “swish swish” of the popular jacket style will not provide adequate warning to the wind. It will also let everyone around you know where you are at all times.

Unless you own a time machine, though, you might have trouble locating these neon relics from a time long past. If you happen to find yourself thrift shopping, here are some tips on recognizing the perfect windbreaker.


When it comes to vintage windbreakers, there are a lot of options out there. Here are a few of the top brands in the business.

Nike windbreakers were aimed at athletes of all types. It did not matter if you were golfing, running, or on the podium at the Olympics if you were at risk of attack from the wind, Nike had you covered.

These top-notch windbreaking masterpieces offered superior durability and quality to a more extreme breed of athlete. When an adventurer needed to tame the great outdoors and show the wind who the boss was, they grabbed one of these brands.

These high-end relics of past decades are the perfect trendy addition to any wardrobe. To stumble across any of these two-distinctive color block jacket brands is a great achievement.


If the 80s/90s got anything right, it was adding bright neon colors to their windbreakers. They really got things right with this decision. Vintage windbreakers come in a few flavors.


It’s not often in the history of fashion that the decision to step out your front door clad in a neon, nylon, wind defense suit was a socially acceptable dec. When looking for vintage windbreakers, if you find one of these brightly colored gems, make sure you snag it before someone else does.

Neutral Tones

Admittedly, the neon look isn’t for everyone. If you seek a more modest approach in your zip-up zephyr blocker, you can keep an eye out for brands like Adidas to find neutral tone versions. Though personally, in my humble opinion, neon is the way to go.

The Pièce de Résistance: Purple and Teal

When looking for a sweet vintage windbreaker, if you stumble across the holy grail coloration of purple and teal, it is vital that you grab it immediately. Highly sought-after vintage windbreakers of this type are a rare find, congratulations.


The pattern is the final element left to pay attention to on your thrift store treasure hunt. The following models are the two most popular.

Abstract Geometric

For some reason, in the last couple of decades in the twentieth century, the fashion world became obsessed with geometry. Zig-Zags, lines, squares, triangles, and other shapes that don’t have a name but resembled a saw blade were the norm. Maybe these brightly colored, eclectic patterns were because of the strong Warhol influence of the era. Whatever the reason, they are a nice signature touch to look for if you’re after pure wind-shattering gold.

Neon Patchwork Quilt

These quilted wind destroyers are the crown jewels of any thrifter’s vintage windbreaker collection. With the unique aesthetic of a handcrafted quilt made by a grandma who accidentally wandered into a fabric store for safety vests, this pattern is extremely desirable.

Now, armed with this list, you can identify the coolest secondhand windbreaking masterpieces. You’re all set to go out and try to find one of these highly sought-after gust busters for yourself. No one in the Montreal thrift shop business will get you more opportunities at finding your perfect swishy sounding treasure than us. So, if you’re in the plateau Mont-Royal borough, be sure to ask us if we have anything in purple and teal.

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